Lewis-Burke’s Advocacy Results in Revolutionary Scientific Discovery Recognized with the Nobel Prize in Physics

Over the past twenty-five years, Lewis-Burke has led the advocacy efforts on behalf of a prominent research university to successfully support over $1 billion in federal funding at the National Science Foundation to develop, build, and upgrade a major scientific research facility.  Support for the project over this period included congressional lobbying, White House advocacy over 4 Presidents, coordination with NSF, organized efforts with scientists, development of spokespersons, coordination with international organizations, and federal budget expertise.  Lewis-Burke adjusted and adapted strategies to ensure continuous funding for the two-site facility.  As a result of this stable federal funding stream, the world-class research team was able to make revolutionary scientific discoveries predicted 100 years ago by Albert Einstein.  In 2017, the scientific and technological construction effort was recognized internationally with the Nobel Prize in Physics.  This unprecedented success will continue with future federal funding plans to ensure the success of this new field of science.