Naomi Webber Ph.D.

Dr. Naomi Webber supports client goals in both fundamental and applied research, with a focus on engineering, physical sciences, and computer sciences, as well as innovation activities and international research collaboration.  Naomi has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and extensive experience in research administration, strategic planning, science policy, and international relations, which enables her to support client activities in a broad range of areas. 

Naomi has over 16 years of science policy experience including nine years at research funding agencies in the UK.  During her time at the UK funding agencies, Naomi gained a broad range of experience including roles in grant proposal management, university relationship engagement, international affairs, and served as Chief of Staff.  Naomi then moved to the U.S. to build international research collaborations between UK and U.S. research funding agencies.  In that role, Naomi developed insight into a broad range of U.S. federal research agencies.  For almost a decade, Naomi has provided a unique brand of nuanced, strategic advice to Lewis-Burke clients. 

Issue Expertise: Engineering, physical sciences, computer sciences with a strong focus on basic research and the National Science Foundation (NSF), as well as international activities across federal agencies.

Additional Experience: Before joining Lewis-Burke, Naomi represented Research Councils UK (now UK Research and Innovation) at their U.S. office in the Washington, DC British Embassy.  In that role, Naomi shared intelligence between the UK and U.S. on science and innovation policy and facilitated research collaboration between the UK Research Councils and U.S. funding agencies.

Vital Statistics: Naomi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Physics from the University of East Anglia in the UK (with a year of her studies spent at the University of Texas in Austin).  Naomi also holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of East Anglia.  Being British, Naomi enjoys a nice cup of tea.